Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moo Burger (Brooklyn)

I recently noticed a sign outside Cobble Hill's Moo Burger, advertising gluten-free burger and hot dog buns. I went in to inquire and found that - hallelujah! - they absolutely understand cross-contamination and had procedures in place to reduce risk. Decided to meet a friend there for burgers this weekend.

Was heartened to see that they've embraced gluten-free and added GF options directly to the menu:  

Love that full disclosure! 

When our server came, she reiterated what I'd heard from another staffer on my recon visit. (SO reassuring when all staffers deliver the same info about gluten issues!) There isn't a dedicated GF fryer, so no fries for me. (A-ok, as I really don't need any fries with this shake.) For GF orders, they put an Udi's bun on foil and, to be extra safe, I took them up on their offer to cook my burger in a separate pan instead of on the grill.

When I try a new-to-me place, I always make sure to clearly state just how sick I'll get from cross-contamination. Our server seemed confident in the kitchen's ability to prepare me a safe meal and assured me that she'd be sure to pass all info on to them. A minute after I ordered, one of the owners came over to say that they would take good care of me and to please not worry.

The owner brought my food over and, as he put it down, assured me that gloves had been changed and all precautions taken. Be still my gluten-free heart - reassurance without having to ask any questions! 

Now that's a burger. 

A beautiful, delicious, juicy burger. Truly, I bit into it and immediately needed napkins - a sign of a properly cooked burger as far as I'm concerned! I felt absolutely fine after and will be back - soon.

Moo Burger is located at 240 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231. 


  1. I did a bit of a burger review recently, but had not heard of this place! The bun looks incredible... will definitely be adding it to my list of places to try! Thanks! :-)

  2. Yes, a great addition to your fab list!