Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crumbs 100% Gluten-Free Bakery (NYC)

Yep, that's right: We have our own 100% gluten-free Crumbs bakery in NYC! Was so excited, I had to check it out on opening day.

I couldn't get there until after 8pm and was worried that there wouldn't be much left - and that the remainders would be a little stale. Silly me.




I wanted something with chocolate cake and a cream cheese based frosting, so I opted for the delicious (but sadly unphotogenic) cookies and cream cupcake. 

And, yes, the cookie part was tasty, too.

Best cupcake I've ever had, gluten-free or not. Moist, flavorful, great texture, perfect frosting to cake ratio - just a slam dunk.

I know some people aren't into cupcakes (what's wrong with you??), so FYI that the GF Crumbs also has:




tiramisu and tart tatin! 


I also saw baguettes, tarts, brownies, and marshmallow cookie sandwiches, among other things. (GO, see and eat all the things!)

Of note: The bakery doesn't have seating, so plan ahead. Read: Ask for a fork so you can eat the whole thing before you even get to the train station. (Or something.)

Crumbs Gluten-Free is located at 37 East 8th St (University/Broadway)


  1. I loved the cupcakes we tried at Crumbs, too! I didn't even get over to the other counter to check out what they had besides cupcakes, though. I thought the cookies & cream was the best frosting, but the best overall flavor was the "milkshake" (marble cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting, I think? Something or other ungodly delicious). The employees behind the counter were super nice, too.

  2. Thanks for the hot tip, Molly! And, agreed, everyone was REALLY nice. They seemed genuinely excited to be able to offer gluten-free folks a safe treat.