Sunday, July 7, 2013

Victory Garden (Manhattan)

It's hot. You need ice cream. If you're in Manhattan, I'd run on over to Victory Garden. Located on Carmine St. between Bleecker and Bedford in the West Village, Victory Garden sells delicious goat milk soft serve, in interesting seasonal flavors.

I recommend the salted caramel and their "In the Land of Carob and Honey", which I think they should just call "cardamom" because that's the only thing I could taste.

I'd never had goat milk ice cream before and this one, at least, was exceptionally smooth and creamy. Also? Not crazy expensive, as I expected this artisanal, locally sourced product to be.

And - hooray for us! - they also sell gluten-free brownies and cookies from Las Delicias!

The peanut butter swirl one is my fav

Victory Garden is located at 31 Carmine St. (between Bleecker and Bedford).  

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