Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wild (Manhattan)

There's a new gluten-free restaurant in town: Wild, in the West Village. Whole menu is GF, save for some beers. Had some family in town this week - a couple of fellow gluten-free folks - so we popped in for a late lunch.

We opted for a couple of vegetable starters:

brussels sprouts four ways, with bacon creme fraiche

butternut squash with whipped goat cheese and pistachios

We didn't really care for either, frankly. Neither were well seasoned or all that tasty. Thankfully, the pizzas made up for what the starters lacked.


The local mozzarella pie was good, but the mushroom pizza was AMAZING:

less photogenic, but much tastier

Covered in mushrooms and dotted with herbed ricotta, it was just out of this world.

Pizzas come in two sizes, personal ($14) and share ($26). We'd decided to split two starters and two personal pizzas between the three of us and order more if need be. We're all good eaters and this was just the perfect amount of food.

Can't wait to head back for more pizza - and brunch! It's tough to find safe gluten-free brunch menus that aren't also vegan. Tofu is dandy, but at brunch I want pancakes, eggs, sausage (and/) or bacon, and dairy in my coffee, all of which Wild delivers on their brunch menu. (Wild blueberry pancakes!) Been just a few days and I'm already planning my return trip!

Wild is located at 535 Hudson St. in the West Village. 

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