Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gluten-Free Beach Food

I love the beach. As in: I started a days-til-Memorial-Day countdown on my phone in FEBRUARY. I'm not some bake in the sun kinda beach bum. No, I'm that girl wearing a huge hat and SPF 75, tucked under a monster umbrella reading her book all day. I like to get there early in the morning and am reluctant to leave, sometimes staying until early evening. Only problem: What to eat? No, really: What foods do my fellow celiacs pack for their days at the beach? I need suggestions!

The big issue for me is savory things. I can find a sweet gluten-free something on any corner these days, but it's tough to find safe meal options. Yeah, I could bring a sandwich, but they get so sad and soggy (see: GF bread) so early in the day. I also refuse to schlep an insanely heavy bag, so whatever I bring needs to be fairly light. Here's what I've been packing so far this season:

An odd assortment, I know. 

Mediterranean Snacks lentil crackers. Amazing - in my top 3 best GF cracker list. Sturdy, too, so they can stand to get smushed in my beach bag.
Kale Krunch kale chips. I prefer the spicy southwestern ranch or chipotle flavors.
Grateful Harvest peppered beef jerky. Yes, jerky. Shelf stable protein = a winner for hot beach days. This is also the only GF brand I've been able to find.
Chipotle Hummus (from the best: Trader Joe's!) and Baby Bel cheeses.
Not pictured: small yogurt, frozen the night before.

I pack the hummus, berries, and cheese in a small insulated bag along with the yogurt, noshing on these perishables until the yogurt is mostly defrosted and ready to eat. (Yeah, I realize it isn't a good idea to freeze in plastic, but ... desperate beach times!)

Overall plan = protein-heavy snacks with intense flavor. I could easily plough through a huge bag of bland potato chips, but this packet of spicy kale is much more satisfying.

Your turn! Please share suggestions for beach-worthy GF eats in comments. Thanks!

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