Sunday, February 17, 2013

Siggy's Good Food (Brooklyn Heights)

I heard about Siggy's from Emily over at GLUTEN FREEmily (she finds all the good spots!) and it's been on my to-try list since. I finally had time to head over to Brooklyn Heights for lunch this past Friday.

So cute. 

It's small - say 24(?) indoor seats, but comfy. It reminds me a bit of what Moosewood was like back in the day, has some of that hippy charm. The staff was incredibly welcoming - and patient with all my gluten-free inquiries. Was relieved to find the gluten-free items so clearly marked on the menu. Soups, salads, burgers, entrees - even a gluten-free beer (Green's)! 

Yay for GF! 

I went with the burger (served on a delicious Canyon Bakehouse bun), with sides of salad and roasted sweet potatoes. 

Yep. That's the business. 

It was delicious. Those sweet potatoes were perfectly roasted - soft and flavorful. The burger wasn't what I expected - the meat was heavily seasoned with herbs - but was tasty. I commend Siggy's for going with the Canyon Bakehouse buns - an excellent choice. They're tasty and hearty enough for burgers - they don't fall apart like some GF buns do. Bravo.

Bottom line: I didn't have a gluten reaction and the food was great. I'll be back for sure.

Siggy's Good Food has two locations, at 76 Henry St. (betw Pineapple and Orange) in Brooklyn and 292 Elizabeth St (betw Houston and Bleeker) in Manhattan.

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