Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mighty Quinn's BBQ (Manhattan)

A little birdie (ok, Twitter) told me that Mighty Quinn's BBQ has a ton of gluten-free options. After some inquiries, I found out that, in fact, only two menu items contain gluten - the bread (obv) and sweet potato casserole. A GF friend and I decided to check it out last week.

Upscale fast casual with a big open dining room - just lovely. 

Once we arrived, we were heartened to find the staff knowledgable about gluten-free concerns - especially the staff member with celiac disease! I stopped asking questions (and worrying) once she told us that. (I wish every biz offering GF fare had a GF staffer!) We also found out that gluten-free french fries (in a fryer shared only w/ chicken wings) will be on the menu soon!

Between the two of us, we had the ribs, pulled pork, and edamame salad. Look at those ribs - beautiful!


While the ribs were good, I preferred the pulled pork - much leaner. Both had a complex BBQ flavor - smoky with a spicy finish. A lot going on in that sauce, not just a one-note sweet BBQ.

Bottom line: Neither of us had a gluten reaction, the food and ambiance were good, and the price was right. I'll be back.

Mighty Quinn's BBQ is located at 103 2nd Ave, New York, NY. 212-677-3733  (FYI: Mighty Quinn's has a very long table in the back that would be great for large groups.)

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