Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crackers (I Heart Schar)

I am grateful for GF rice crackers, those round, crunchy dipping carbs ubiquitous in GF life. They served me well, especially in the first few years of my GF life, when they were basically the ONLY GF cracker out there. But times have changed and we have so many new - and better - options. (Sorry, rice crackers.) Behold, my current favorite:

I discovered these last year at my local food co-op and haven't looked back. The crackers have a great flavor - toasty and reminiscent of Saltines, but with a texture more akin to a water cracker. Great for wine and cheese, dipping in soup, or even with lox and a schmear, i.e. what I'm eating as I write this. I just served these to gluten-eaters at my Sunday book club and they decimated the cracker pile right along with the bucheron and Humbolt Fog.

Also of note is the smart packaging: A large pack with cellophane packets of 6 crackers, which I find to be the perfect individual serving size. The rest of them stay fresh and it's easy to toss some in with your food bag for work. Bravo, Schar.


  1. I LIVED on these little packages when I lived in Italy... I commuted into Rome each day to teach and these were a lifesaver as I couldn't just grab a slice of pizza on the go like my colleagues. Haven't seen these ones in Toronto yet - hopefully soon!

  2. Nice! Y'know, I took a gander at the Schar site and it looks like a few spots in Toronto are selling them:


    Maybe one near you? Fingers crossed!