Sunday, February 5, 2012


Five of my friends have moved in the past 2 weeks. (Yes, FIVE.) With housewarming parties on the horizon, I've been pondering my gift options. One of the recently-moved is new to my neighborhood and a fellow GF-er so, of course, some tasty GF treats seemed appropriate. I decided to try one of the new GF recipes on the Driscoll's berry site, a simple blueberry muffin recipe. It calls for your choice of GF flour and I had a Christmas gift I was eager to try:

Forgive its rumpled appearance; storage methods employed in tiny NYC kitchen = not friendly to packaging.

Yep, it's a big ol' bag of Lena Kwak and Thomas Keller's C4C GF flour - an on-point gift from my kind employer (thanks, boss!). Paired with some organic Driscoll's blueberries*, I got this:

Note: darn thick batter. 'Tis common with GF baked goods.

Which turned into this:

Warm golden goodness

These muffins are on the dense side, a bit more scone than muffin. They were lovely with some salted butter on top:

Mmm... butter

Put those muffins in a bowl/basket lined with a cute new tea towel and, voila, you have a housewarming gift:

Welcome to the neighborhood, yo.

I was pleased with the C4C, btw. It has a neutral flavor and very fine texture - not at all gritty, like some GF flours. I suspect it would be fantastic in crusts and other delicate pastry. Xanthan gum is already in the mix, so it's great for anyone who isn't interested in fiddling with flour blending (ahem).

And you? What's on your housewarming gift shortlist?

*Domestic blueberries are on the Dirty Dozen list, so please always buy organic!

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