Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brooklyn-Style Pizza, Part 2 (Udi's)

Next up: Udi's pizza crusts.

These puppies bring the gluten-free joy. Each package contains two 9" pre-baked thin-crust pizza shells. Depending on the toppings, each crust serves one or two. When I make white pie, each pizza is enough for two meals:

Ate the other half before I remembered to snap a pic!

While a regular cheese slice with vegetables can make a solid meal for one:

Can't go wrong with peppers, onions, and mushrooms

A (delicious) word about the white pie: To make, simply sprinkle the crust with shredded mozz,  four huge dollops of ricotta, and cooked chopped spinach (frozen is fine) that has been drained (squeeze between your hands until you have a well-formed ball of spinach) and mixed with some garlic powder.* That's it. Let the cheese speak for itself. (I recommend that you bake it until the mounds of ricotta have flattened a bit.) No need to doctor it in any other way, except maybe to add some hot red pepper flakes once it comes out of the oven.

I had been missing white pie; hadn't had it since being diagnosed with celiac disease ten years ago. TEN YEARS without this childhood staple. When I made this with the Udi's crust the first time, I was literally near tears - it tasted so much like what I'd grown up eating. 

These crusts, they are delicious and convenient. At 9", they are easy to tuck into a bag for when you're visiting friends and need to bring some safe food. Heck, bring a bunch of them and share with the gluten-eaters! Everyone I've shared them with has been completely surprised that they're gf. Udi's is based in Colorado, so I've been buying the crusts at Whole Foods for $5.99, but you can order them online for $5.00 plus shipping (and $2 off if you buy 8 packages). Udi's also offers a printable coupon on their site when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Thus ends pizza crust recommendations. Tomorrow I'll round out this whole pizza discussion with a sauce suggestion. But I'm curious, do you have any gf crust suggestions of your own?

*Yes, I said garlic powder. You can get local, organic, and whole food with this, but I'm going for Brooklyn pizzeria style and, for me, that means garlic powder.

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