Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brooklyn-Style Pizza, Part 1 (Everybody Eats)

When last we met our heroine (that's me), she was on a pizza mission...

So, as promised, here is installment one of Brooklyn-good gf pizza that you (yes, you) can make at home. The crust for this gem comes from my new favorite spot, Everybody Eats. They sell packages of two 12" pre-baked pizza shells that look like this:

Unassuming little shell

You add your sauce and cheese, bake for 15 minutes and, like magic, you get to pull this out of the oven:

Marone, that's a beautiful pie.

Wait, let's take a closer look at that:

Go ahead, click on the picture.

Sorry, that was mean. (I'd totally share if you were here.)

I have made five pizzas with these shells and fed the results solely to gluten-eaters - who have all loved it. They happily took seconds and were stunned to find that it was gf. (This is definitely NOT pizza food.)

If you live in NYC, stop on by their Brooklyn office to pick some shells up. Otherwise, you can order a shipment via phone or email.

Tomorrow I'll share my other suggestion for making great pizza at home.

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