Monday, July 5, 2010

Bread+(Insert Filling Here)

Oof. It's another scorcher here in NYC - up near 100 again. The gusts of wind feel like they're coming out of a forced hot air heating system. I don't know about you, but eating is the last thing I want to do.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those metabolically gifted folks who can function without regular meals. My mood and mental acuity plummet after a few hours sans food. So today, as on busy days, I am doing my standby: "meals" consisting of bread + something.

As I prepared my pb&r ("&r" = raisins), I got to wondering: what bread are other gf people enjoying these days? I've been eating Food for Life Brown Rice bread for so long that I can tolerate it untoasted. I settled on that one because of (1) Price: about $3.50 a loaf at Trader Joe's; (2) Texture: it's outstanding toasted. It reminds me of the Arnold Brick Oven Bread that my grandparents used to sell in their deli in Brooklyn. And, once toasted, it travels very well if you let it cool and/or wrap it in a paper/cloth towel before putting it in a ziploc; (3) Fiber: At 2g per slice, it has more than most gf bread; (4) Fat: At 2g per slice, it has WAY less than most gf bread!

I will admit to buying Udi's on occasion (I prefer the bagels over the bread) - usually if I'm without a gf meal and decide to make a Whole Foods run because of that. (Whole Foods is my gf safety net, but that's another post.) My problem with Udi's is the cost (over $5/pkg) and the fact that I'm usually still ravenous after eating it! It has very little fiber, so is little better than the Wonder Bread that it resembles texturally. But, oh, the texture! A pb&j on Udi's white bread? A little bit of heaven(!) - and well worth the financial cost when your gf soul needs a lift.

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