Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Can't Be Trusted (Carb-y Treats Edition)

I am like Seinfeld when it comes to cereal - the box may as well have a nutrition facts panel that says "Servings: 2" because I can easily inhale it within twenty-four hours. These sad circumstances apply to other carb-y/grain-based processed foods such as bars, baked treats, and squishy bread. It is so bad that I have ceased to buy them.

Wish I could say that this is a product of going gf, that because I am restricted, I go bonkers with grain-based foods. Alas, have always been this way. Though I suppose it is possible that my cravings have increased while my willpower has decreased. Having gone gf over 7 years ago now, it's tough to accurately remember life "B.C." (before celiac). 

What I am sure of is that when I (a) accidentally pass through a cereal/baked goods aisle or (b) intentionally walk straight towards cereal/baked goods (masochistic streak?), I invariably stand in front of the shelves, shake my head and say to myself: "I can't be trusted", leaving the coveted item(s) on the shelf.

Lately, I have had the absolute worst heartburn - going on three weeks now. From consulting with an RD and tracking my symptoms, I have come to the realization that it is likely stress-induced. Having graduated with my master's degree in early June, the inability to find work has been wearing on me. The daily grind of churning out cover letters and editing appropriate writing samples? Affecting the, um, grinding and churning within. (I promise this will end up food-related and less stressy!)

So en route home from the gym this evening, I stopped by the local health food store to pick up some more crystallized ginger, aka the ONLY thing that gives me relief from the heartburn, other than exercise. Tired, hungry, and already thinking of how I should get another job application in before bed, I exercised option (b) from above, and took a looky look at the gf bar/cereal/yum section.

Ten minutes later I was walking home, ginger procured, unwrapping a second Enjoy Life caramel apple flavor chewy bar, as I tucked the first wrapper into the box. Yum. Really, I can't be trusted.

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