Thursday, June 2, 2011

G-Free NYC (The First of Many Visits)

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally made it to G-Free NYC this weekend!

Happy stripe-y awning

Where I bought:

The GF goods

I kept forgetting that everything was GF, that I didn't need to read labels. And I kept finding new gems, things I didn't know existed. I've been eating gluten-free for 10 years or so; I consider myself pretty gluten-free savvy. But I didn't know about:

Breaded cheese. What's not to like?

I shared the 6 massive mozzarella sticks from Russo's Gluten-Free with a gluten-eating friend yesterday and we agreed: They are excellent. (And I have to say: That price is good, too. Cheese is expensive! So that price seemed more than fair.) I toasted them up in the oven and paired them with some marinara sauce. Beautiful.

All week, I've been eating this for breakfast:

Challah? Holla!

Toasted on its own, or with a little schmear and jam. Delicious. I'll go ahead and say it: This is the best GF challah I've had to date. (And the price is fantastic - under $6 at G-Free NYC.) Best of all: It is soft at room temp. Yep, no need to toast it - though it's even better if you do. (I suspect the French toast made with this will blow my mind.)

Another of my Katz purchases didn't last 24 hours. These were so good:

Old school rugelech, just like your bubbe used to make/buy

So good that I ate 5 of them on the train ride home! (Hence the battered package.) I will admit that I missed the nuts, but they still get an A. Good combo of crunch and softness, with nice bits of melted sugar around the edges. Well done, Katz.

I mentioned that these cones from Goldbaum's were a hit on Memorial Day:

These got holiday raves too:

Smile on the bag, smile on your face

I toasted them up to pair with cheeseburgers. Favorite comment of the day came when I served these: "I don't understand. Why do we need to eat gluten?!? All the gluten-free things you make are delicious." And that, my friends, is how you make sure you're ALWAYS invited to dinner.

One of the (many) things I like about G-Free NYC is their selection of individually wrapped snack options. While the environmentalist in me abhors the waste associated with individual packages, the vain realist in me knows that I have zero self-control around sweets. Any box of cookies, cakes, baked good of any kind may as well say "servings per package: 1". So I appreciate that G-Free NYC carries individual brownies, cookies, and such. Many are locally baked. I picked these Italian wafers up because they'll last a while and travel well:

Ciao, bella! Come stai?

The wafers are just like the gluten-y version, but with better chocolate. (These have a good quality chocolate filling that is on the dark side.) I tested them on a gluten-eater today and she loved them, eying the pack, hoping for another. (Had she not been concurrently eating a fudge cupcake from Dean & Deluca, I might have relented!)

I couldn't help myself and also picked up these wee snacks from Surf Sweets:

Gummy bears!

But I think my favorite purchase is actually one that I haven't yet used:

GF soy joy

I opened this and stuck two in my purse. When I cook at a friend's place, find GF sushi but no tamari, or when my lunch needs a little flavor punch - these will come in so very handy. (Yes, I am a very practical girl.)

Thus ends this trip around my shopping cart. Hope I've convinced you to get over to G-Free NYC. Seriously worth the trip!

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