Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smorgasburg (Williamsburg)

After my sad first visit to the Williamsburg Smorgasburg last year, I was wary of making the trip again. SO glad I got on that G train again this fall.

Not too shabby, eh?

My main reason for the trip was to sample all (and I mean ALL) of the savory treats from gluten-free Krumville Bake Shop. Galettes, tarts, focaccia - gluten-free things that are hard to do well AND hard to find.

Carby, cheesy goodness

Krumville also has a wide selection of sweets, but I took a pass that day in order to focus on the carbs and cheese!

This right here, their potato galette, is really the item I schlepped to Williamsburg for. I'd heard from other GF friends that it was spectacular - they weren't exaggerating.

I took a bite and had that "this CAN'T be gluten-free" feeling. The crust was just so flaky, tender, and flavorful. I was with a gluten-eating, semi-pro baker friend and offered her a bite. Again, totally stunned by how good it was. We ate the whole thing before even finding a place to sit down.

Having been blown away by my first savory treat, I couldn't resist trying the zucchini cheese tart I'd purchased for "tomorrow" (HAH). Again, amazing texture and flavor - polished that baby right off.

I know Krumville's owner, Antonella, from gluten-free events we've both attended. She was kind enough to send me off with one of her loaves of focaccia on the house. Thing is: I don't really like GF bread - and never liked focaccia, even when I could eat the gluten-filled version. So that stayed in my bag all day. I figured I'd pop it in the freezer, save it for a day when my cupboards were bare.

I spent the rest of the day out and about and, many hours later, found myself with great friends and nothing to eat. Not wanting to leave the party, I tucked into the focaccia, hoping a few bites would tide me over. But (sigh) ate the whole damn thing. Didn't offer anyone a bite this time. It was amazing. Truly. Best focaccia I've ever had, gluten-free or not. Buy it.

While, as of now at least, you can only get the galettes and savory tarts at Smorg, you can purchase the rest of Antonella's wares - including that amazing focaccia - at various NYC sites, on her website, and via Good Eggs.

For all my talk of Krumville, there were other gluten-free vendors at the Smorg! Among them, one of my other favorites, Danny Macaroons. Last I checked, only the Black Chocolate Stout flavor contains gluten.

I'm not familiar with Kerala Soul Cuisine, but looks like all their items are gluten-free.

Alchemy Creamery makes vegan ice cream and treats, like ice cream sandwiches and push up pops. (I am rather fond of their chocolate chai ice cream.) Just so happens their cookies are also gluten-free!

Did I miss anyone? Definitely not these guys, though I appreciate them saving me from asking my usual "Do you have any gluten-free options?" (read bottom of sign :)

I do hear that the wonderful CakeBites will be back at the Smorg this weekend. They make wonderful, addicting vegan, gluten-free chocolate covered cake truffles that you MUST try if you're there!

Smorgasburg has two locations: Williamsburg on Saturdays, and DUMBO on Sundays, through November 24th. Vendor lists for the coming weekend are posted every Friday.

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