Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dinosaur BBQ (Brooklyn!)

I used to eat at Dinosaur BBQ all the time when I lived upstate, pre-celiac diagnosis. Hadn't been back since going gluten-free and returning to NYC. I'd heard from others that Dinosaur was pretty great when it came to food allergies, so I was psyched when I heard they were opening up a restaurant in Brooklyn.

About a week after they opened, I got an excited email from a celiac friend, detailing all the ways they'd made sure he had a safe meal: separate GF menu, different colored plate for his special diet meal - even a separate food runner for his plate, to make absolutely sure no cross-contamination occurred. I made a reservation for the next day. 

This Dinosaur outpost is on the Park Slope/Gowanus border, in a large space with high ceilings and exposed brick. Oh and stacks of firewood. Lots of firewood.  

Definitely doesn't feel like you're in Brooklyn anymore.

And, behold, the gluten-free menu I'd heard about:

The gluten-free menu isn't on their website - not yet, at least. 

LOTS of options. I went with the brisket, greens, and mashed potatoes, which was served on a red plate (vs. the blue for my friend's "regular" meal) and carried by a second food runner.

As she placed my meal in front of me, the staffer explained that they use a separate runner for special diet meals and assured me that the person who prepared my meal used fresh gloves, etc. to keep my meal safe.

And with that, Dinosaur BBQ just raised the bar on what we celiacs should be able to expect when dining out. Hear that, NYC restaurants?!?

The food? Tasty. I'm partial to a BBQ sauce that is less sweet and more vinegary than the one they serve at Dinosaur, but it was good. The greens were fine; nothing to write home about. I'll definitely pick a different vegetable next time. The star of the meal, was - surprisingly - the mashed potatoes! Full of butter and a couple of lumps, just like grandma's. No gluten-free desserts or beer yet, though they do have Original Sin Cider on tap. Most importantly: I didn't get sick. Not even a hint of a gluten issue.

The restaurant gets busy - even early in the evening - so I highly recommend making reservations. Thankfully, Dinosaur BBQ is using OpenTable, which I love. Makes scheduling so easy and you can list your dietary needs in the comments section of the reservation.

Dinosaur BBQ has multiple locations. In NYC they are in Brooklyn (604 Union St.) and Harlem (700 W. 125th St. at 12th).

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  1. Sounds delish! Great review - makes me want to go there!