Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

I was lucky enough to attend a gluten-free Thanksgiving this year. Yep, an entirely safe meal, save for one gluten-y dish that was made for a vegetarian attendee. From stuffing to dessert, every item was something I could eat. I did not waste this opportunity.

Cue the angels singing. 

The dinner was at the house of a gluten-free friend and his new gluten-eating spouse. I was pleasantly surprised that the entire meal was kept safe despite the mixed eating habits of the household. We were the only two GF people there, but everyone who made something to share made sure it was gluten-free. Before we sat down to eat, we all got a briefing from the hosts re what was GF and vegetarian. Folks who had brought dishes told me what had gone into the dish and how it was prepared to prevent cross-contamination. I'm so used to having to ask; the offering of information was such a change - so nice! I ate with abandon - turkey, stuffing, biscuits, all the sides.

Having hosted Thanskgiving myself, I know how much work goes into it and wanted to make sure I was able to contribute something substantial to the meal. My contribution? PIES.

Ugly Pie

I am a huge fan of the gluten-free frozen pies and crusts from Whole Foods. Last holiday season, I served their pies and used the crusts to make quiches. Given the expectation of homemade food at the holidays, I gave pie making a try with the crusts. My double crust apple pie (above) was the homeliest thing - instantly dubbed Ugly Pie. (I also made a pumpkin pie - less ugly, so no picture.) In addition, I bought a couple of pies from Whole Foods as back-up. Behold, the pie table:


All the desserts, including homemade ice cream and cookies (not pictured) were gluten-free. ALL. No errant crumbs, worries about cross-contamination from pie servers, none of that.

My Thanksgiving dinner take-away: Having gluten-free friends is essential. You can't always be the only one who can't eat things. You need to go to events where food is a joy, not a stressor. In 2012 I've gone to a gluten-free wedding and Thanksgiving - and New Years is looking like it'll be GF, too. Yay for GF friends! 

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