Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thing I'm Loving Right Now: Rudi's GF Tortillas

When the folks at Rudi's asked me to try their new line of GF tortillas, I was skeptical. I've tried the few GF wraps/tortillas on the market and found them to be stiff, crumbly, and tasteless. But I agreed to try 'em, warning that I only post about things I absolutely adore. And these? I love these:

Your new GF BFF

They come in three flavors: plain, spinach, and "fiesta". Of the three, spinach was my favorite. I initially thought the green color/spinach flavor was gimmicky, but have to say: It definitely adds a nice flavor to your sandwich. They all have a great texture and are easy to handle. Just microwave them for 20-30 seconds and they're ready to fill.

After my first taste, I had visions of delightful burrito dinners. But for me, the last hot days of summer mean lots of assembled meals, very little cooking - and lots of noshes on the go. So I've made over a dozen of these in the past couple of weeks:

Ham 'n cheese, yo

These little sandwich wraps became my much-needed beach lunch staple. I packed my food for beach days the night before, so I could get up and go super early. These babies did not get soggy or crumbly in any way, even 24 hours later. BRAVO. Well done, Rudi's.

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