Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GF Resources: Top Picks

I've recently had a number of requests for recommendations on the best places for GF info. I tend to focus on local resources; here are my top picks:

Dining recommendations:

Allergic Girl Recommends
I keep a list, too

Meetups. There are currently three gluten-free Meetup groups within NYC proper: 
The Brooklyn Gluten-Free Meetup

Gluten Free NYC 

The New York City Celiac Disease Meetup

I've found Meetup to be my best resource for local dining info. The event info clues me in to new-to-me dining options, but I've found the message boards to be an even more valuable source of info. You can subscribe to the boards so that any new threads are delivered directly to your inbox.

I highly recommend creating an account, especially if you're new to being GF and/or in a new town. There's a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's a snap. To get started, follow some GF businesses/people you like and then look to see who they're following. This can help lead you to the people and businesses who have information that is pertinent to your GF life.

The new Dish Freely gluten-free restaurant app (Have you tried it? Do tell. It's currently only avail for iPhone and I'm an Android girl.)

General GF info, i.e. lifestyle, news, etc.: 

Twitter and the Meetups; have to suggest them again. They both provide access to a broad range of GF lifestyle topics, not just dining. 

Delight Gluten-Free
Easy Eats (online magazine)
Gluten-Free Living
Living Without
I have read all four on occasion over the years. I currently only subscribe to Easy Eats, as I enjoy the format and find their content most pertinent to my life. I recommend following them on Twitter and Facebook as well, as they post notes about new content all the time.

A number of people have asked me for GF cooking/lifestyle book recommendations, but I just don't rely on those these days. I used Danna Korn's “Wheat-Free, Worry-Free: The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Living" and Jax Lowell's "Against the Grain: The Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well Without Gluten or Wheat" when I was first diagnosed a decade ago. I know there are many more titles now. Any you can recommend for the GF newbie?

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