Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aaaaand We're Back

Happy New Year, all.

The end of 2011 was a busy time with a few hiccups (illness, fire), though most of it was spent happily adhering to 2011 resolutions (send holiday cards on time! entertain more! cook more!). With the holidays firmly behind us, am back to share the good GF word.

Today's good word? Soup. Yes, soup. Specifically, Kettle Cuisine:

Kettle Cuisine makes the absolute best soup on the market - and they all just happen to be GF. Yes, ALL. (The company owner's daughter is GF and he reformulated his soup recipes so she could eat them, too.) My favorites are the two shown above: Angus Beef Steak and Chicken Chili, but there are many other flavors, including vegetarian options. They're flavor-dense, low in sodium and fat, only take 4 minutes to microwave from frozen, and - at about $4 a pop - are a perfectly reasonable lunch or dinner option. (They sometimes go on sale at Whole Foods and you can occasionally find coupons.)

And why am I dedicating a whole post to SOUP? Well for one thing, some "holiday cheer" has remained along my waistline and these soups are part of my return-to-normal eating plan. I find portion control to be a problem (especially after the over-indulgence of the holidays), and these soups are the perfect size - make a great meal with just maybe a side salad and some crackers. I always feel satisfied after, not like I'm settling for "just" soup. They're that good.

I also just want to share some of the products I've found in recent months. I cook most of my food from whole ingredients, i.e. vegetables, meat, etc., but do use a well-curated list of prepared/dry goods like pasta, crackers, bread, and - yes - soup. More of that soon, along with some upcoming GF events!

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