Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Pies

Before going GF, I was an avid (and darn good) baker. But even then, there were some things that I preferred to leave to the pros (aka bakeries and my grandma), like pies. This fall, I tried to make a GF pie and it was a massive fail. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I knew I wanted to serve pie and didn't have time to experiment further. So I turned to Whole Foods and their Gluten-Free Bakehouse line. In a word: WIN. I bought two pies - one apple crumb, one pumpkin - each for under $13(!) and they were delicious. Light, flaky crust and excellent filling - better than homemade. They came frozen; all I needed to do was defrost them in the fridge overnight. (But I heated the apple one up prior to serving and topped with vanilla ice cream. Delicious.) My guests were mostly gluten-eaters and pleasantly surprised by how good GF can be.

Don't have a Whole Foods near you? Want to buy local instead? Here are some NYC-area businesses offering GF pies. Many require pre-order for the holidays, so make note of those deadlines:

Crespella (pies are baked by Las Delicias)
Sun In Bloom
Three Dogs Gluten-Free Bakery
Tulu's Gluten-Free Bakery
Everybody Eats

(Not all of the above businesses have their December holiday menus up on their websites yet, though some have them listed on Facebook.)

So, please - don't let your GF diet and/or a fear of making pie crust(!) keep you from enjoying traditional holiday pies this season!

** On a more personal note: Regrets for the blogging lapse. Have been dealing with some health issues over here in GFbird Land and needed to focus my energy there. Feeling better and hope to be back more often, sharing the good GF word!**

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