Monday, October 3, 2011

You Scream, I Scream, Not (Quite) Ice Cream

I realize I have no business talking about ice cream during this here, the second week of fall - but hear me out:

I love ice cream. It is my favorite food. I often joke that I'm the only nutrition professional who will encourage you to eat it. It may not be good for your waistline, but it's so very good for your soul.

But even I must face facts: it really isn't very good for your waistline or health, at least not at the frequency with which I prefer to consume it. (Read: daily.) I have gone without, but that really means that I need to cut out ALL sweets. (My sweet tooth has a faulty off-switch and it's just easier to forgo than to have a little.) My workaround for years, when I was living in upstate NY, were these:

Fruitfull bars!

And lest we GFers worry:

Yes, indeedy, they're gluten-free.

With many Fruitfull flavors in the 100-150 calorie* range (less than some yogurts, even), they satisfy my craving for a frozen treat without being a major caloric indulgence. I also favor them because they have actual chunks of fruit are free of corn syrup of any kind.

I've looked high and low - in most every deli and bodega, health food store and big box store I've visited in NYC. Years later, the only - ONLY - place I've found them is Brooklyn's Union Market (3 locations: Union St., 7th Ave, Court St. A fourth - Manhattan - location is coming soon.) If you spot them elsewhere in NYC, share in comments, please!

*I am generally loathe to talk about calories and such; I think we should all just eat decent portions of healthy whole foods.  But when it comes to the extras - packaged treats - I think it's wise to consider the calories.

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