Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost Count at 40 (GF-Friendly Eateries and Products)

I know I often extol the virtues of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup to the high heavens - and I'm here to do it again! It's just a great group of folks with a collective wisdom about living GF in NYC that can't be beat. I always leave an event with another GF tip - whether it be a new place to eat or a new product to buy. I also always leave feeling like I can't remember 5 or 10 other great tips because I was busy enjoying myself! To that end, I started taking notes at a recent event. When I explained what I was doing, attendees started listing so many good ideas, that I just passed a notebook and pen around! I typed the list up and sent it to all who attended the dinner.

Below is a copy of our list. It's arranged by neighborhood, borough, state (there are some NJ businesses listed). While one or more of us have eaten safely at many of the venues, it is definitely NOT a guaranteed safe list! Please exercise your usual GF caution before dining, i.e. call ahead, ask about their processes, etc. Personally, I would not eat at a number of the venues below, because I am so very sensitive to even small amounts of gluten. I am listing them anyway because I know there are people who are much less sensitive and would likely choose to dine at many of these eateries.

The venues with asterisks are places where I've personally eaten safely. (If you'd care to make similar notes and share, please do so in comments below!) As I mentioned, the list is arranged by neighborhood. (I am geographically challenged, so please correct any mistakes, please and thank you!)

This list is a work in progress. I'll be updating it with new venues, hyperlinks, and a map (most) every Friday. I hope it helps get you out in the world more often, enjoying safe social eating with the people in your life.

*Babycakes (Vegan/Kosher/Soy-free/GF cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and more. A must-go when in NYC.)

West Village:
*Risotteria (Italian: risotto (of course), pizza, fantastic breadsticks, and baked goods. Their old-school black and white cookies are amazing; I have made the trip for those alone.)
Gustorganics (Organic. Clearly marked GF items on menus.)
Gobo (Vegan/GF)

East Village:
Pommes Frites (All French fries, all the time)
*Stogo (Vegan/GF ice cream + baked goods/sweets from Babycakes and other vegan/GF producers)
*Tu-Lu’s Bakery (All GF. Offering sweet and savory baked goods, as well as gorgeous panini on homemade bread.)
*S’mac (Mac ‘n cheese.)
*Rice (292 Elizabeth St.) (One of my very favorite places to eat in all of NYC! Ask for the separate GF menu.)
Pala Pizza (Regular pizzeria offering GF options.)
Caracas (Arepas)
Sacred Chow (Vegan/Kosher)

*Friedman’s Lunch (Many, many GF options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Located in the historic Chelsea Market.)

Union Square:
*PIE (GF pizza. Delicious. Not available by the slice.)

Bar Breton (Buckwheat galettes)
Blue Smoke (BBQ – with a jazz club one floor away!)
Eleven Madison Park (Offers GF diners a GF breadbasket with a selection of Everybody Eats artisanal breads)

Bistango (Very GF-friendly Italian – and they now have GF cupcakes!)

Times Sq.:
Ruby Foo’s (Asian food. A limited GF menu. Have heard only good things about their food and ambiance.)

Midtown West:
Heartland Brewery (There are multiple Heartland locations in NYC, but this is currently the only site offering a GF menu.)
Nizza (Italian. Separate GF menu.)

Midtown East/UES:
*Lilli and Loo (GF Asian, including sushi!)

*Lumi (High-end Italian)
Candle 79 (Vegan/GF)
Candle Cafe (Vegan/GF)
*Peters’ Gourmet Diner (Upscale diner where most of the menu is GF)
Gobo (Vegan/GF)

Café 82
Nice Matin

Multiple locations:
5 Napkin Burger (One member of the NYC Celiac Meetup group reports that they have GF buns and a dedicated GF fryer. As always – be sure to inquire before ingesting!)
We also hear that gluten-free street food is coming to NYC – a kiosk – somewhere in lower Manhattan. Details when I have ‘em. 

Brooklyn, Park Slope:
*Bogota Latin Bistro (2 dedicated GF fryers and a newly expanded GF-friendly menu!)
*Everybody Eats (All-GF bakery, offering beautiful baguettes, bagels, challah, cookies, and more)
*Sun in Bloom (All vegan, many GF menu items – all GF baked goods)
Sheep Station (Carrying Everybody Eats buns for sandwiches and burgers)
V Spot (Vegan with some GF)

Brooklyn, DUMBO: 
Rice (One of my very favorite places to eat in all of NYC! Ask for the separate GF menu.)

NJ, Hoboken:
Anthony David’s
Pasta Truck
Bin 14
Basic Foods
Stax – GF pancakes
Hoboken Farms

GF products/places to shop:
*GFree NYC (Of course! NYC’s first all GF store!)
Katz’s Gluten-Free (Brooklyn)
Gluten-free Shoppe (Brooklyn)

*Original Sin cider (I can vouch for this one: D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.)

PF Chang’s
Pizzeria Uno
California Pizza Kitchen
Bonefish Grill
Carabas Italian
Outback Steakhouse
Le Pan Quotidian – (One member of our group has enjoyed their GF quiche with all buckwheat crust)

*Foods by George (To-die for brownies and other baked goods)
*Namaste mixes (Low sugar, "natural" baking mixes)
Jacques Torres chocolates, including Easter chocolate bunnies

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  1. In Hells Kitchen you should check out Nizza - ask for their gluten free menu. I've had the GF Sunday Pasta (amazing) and the chicken Piallard (very good).