Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GF Diner Joy (Peters', With Pictures)

This past Monday was (yet another) grey, rainy day here in NYC. Despite the weather, 12 hungry celiacs attended a NYC Celiac Disease Meetup at Peters' Gourmet Diner. Peter was so very accommodating, setting us up at a nice long table along the center of the restaurant, with plenty of room on either side for people to visit and mingle.

In case you aren't familiar with Peters': It's owned by a Peter and is decorated with photographs featuring (other) famous Peters:  Peter Gabriel, Peter Jackson, Peter Faulk - you get the idea. It has an upscale diner feel, with a handful of booths, many tables, and both a front and back patio. It's equally great for a big family meal and quiet solo dining, you and a book on a weekday night.

All that, and their menu is almost completely gluten-free! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. Pancakes, omelettes, club sandwiches and burgers, chicken parm and pasta. So many options that it took us a good 20 minutes to make up our minds. For the most part, we went old school:

Cheeseburger and fries - can't beat that with a stick.

With a little twist:

Cheeseburger with salsa and avocado

Lighter fare:

Broiled 1/2 chicken with sauteed vegetables. Much brighter and happier than my sad little camera pic lets on.

And the dish I coveted the most (while thoroughly enjoying my burger):

Chicken parm, baby. And, YES, those cutlets are BREADED, gf-style.

There were also beautiful salads, stuffed potato skins, sandwiches, GF beer, and more - I didn't want to hold up the chowing down with my picture taking. Forgive the low light of the pics I did take: just wanted to give you some idea of what Peters' has to offer, to encourage you to get on over there!

(And if it helps to put your worried GF mind at ease: half of the kitchen at Peters' is dedicated GF, with its own fryer, toaster, griddle, etc. Peter has been operating this way since the diner's inception, prompted by a good friend's GF diagnosis. About 20% of their clientele is GF. Let's increase that percentage, shall we?)

I also can't overstate what a fantastic time we all had - chatting, sharing stories and recommendations, and just enjoying time with people who get it. If you haven't already, please consider joining the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup, a Celiac Meetup in your area - or starting one if there isn't one where you live!

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