Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trader Joe is My (Gluten-Free) Homeboy

Perhaps you're already aware that Trader Joe's carries loads of gluten-free items. But did you know that they have a PDF list of those items here? The gf items aren't always labeled as such and TJ's is one of the few stores where stopping to label-read can feel like a contact sport. I periodically review the list and then double check the packages while I'm waiting in line. (Hey, at least the infamous TJ's lines are good for something.)

If you're new to the diet - or Trader Joe's, for that matter -  it might help to print the list out and bring it on your shopping trip. Or just ask for one at the front desk upon arrival; I find that they usually have a few on hand or are happy to print one out.

While Trader Joe's is a great store all around, it's a godsend to gf folks. Living on this diet can be so expensive and TJ's offers safe options at ridiculously reasonable prices, including brand name items such as breads and bagels from Food for Life and Udi's. During a busy week, it's also such a relief to be able to get everything - produce, protein, pantry, and gf baked goods - in ONE place.

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