Monday, April 4, 2011

If It Looks Like a Bagel, Acts Like a Bagel, and Tastes Like a Bagel...

then it's probably a bagel from Everybody Eats! Seriously, look at this beauty:

Schmear-ready bagel goodness.

They're small and dense, with a crusty outside and chewy inside. And they really do "act" like regular bagels,  toasting up properly, giving that good crust on the outside. At Everybody Eats, they boil and bake them, the old fashioned way. This is as close to a real NYC bagel as I've found among the gf options. And Everybody Eats? It's in Brooklyn!

While they don't have a storefront, you can stop by their office at 3rd Ave and Carroll St. in Brooklyn (between 9am and 6pm) to pick up orders you've called in. On Saturday, they're open from 10am-5pm for walk-in sales. No need to call ahead, just stop on by. One of the owners, Bruce or Pedro, will be there to greet you... and give you a cookie. (No, really - they give you a cookie! This Saturday it was a warm chocolate chip, last weekend it was one of their insanely good old school sugar cookies.) A sleeve of 4 bagels costs $7.00 and is completely worth the price, especially if you grew up eating real bagels (i.e. not some frozen grocery store impostor). Live on the left coast? Have a gf former NYC-er in your life? You can order online, via telephone, or email and have your items shipped anywhere in the country! Bagels, pizza, pasta, baguettes, challah, burger buns and more - they make so many amazing products.

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