Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Hee-eere!

NYC's first completely gluten-free shop, G-Free NYC, opens today!!!

They're currently open Tuesday-Sunday and are located at: 
77A West 85th Street
(between Columbus & CPW)

You can check out their list of vendors here. I already have my eye on some of Katz's rugelach, knishes from Pi, and Russo's tiramisu. Haven't had any of those foods in 10 years!

I'm glad to see that the folks over at G-free are taste-testing their stock and are committed to only selling products that are safe AND delicious. (Shrink-wrapped tasteless bread is out, flavorful and delicious is in!) Am also pleased that they're carrying products from loads of local gf vendors. 

"Glad" and "pleased" don't really even come close to how excited I actually am about the opening of this store. It's hard for me to believe that it really exists; just a few years ago I could barely get a decent slice of bread and now there's a whole GF store?!? I plan on visiting in the near future and will update when I do. Please share any must-try items you find there!

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