Friday, April 22, 2011

Get Your Brunch On (Latin Flavor in TWO Brooklyn Locations)

Another holiday weekend is almost upon us. Maybe, like me, you've already started your food prep for Easter, schlepping from store to store, poring over menu ideas, and testing recipes. You, my dear, need a break! In fact, I think you need a little Saturday brunch - and I have just the place: Pequeña with locations in both Fort Greene and Prospect Heights!

I've eaten brunch at the Prospect Heights location a number of times and found the staff very accommodating of my GF needs. I stumbled upon the spot last year when I got lost en route to view an apartment. Their menu was on a stand outside the restaurant and I couldn't help but notice that the corn-heavy menu was practically devoid of wheat. I asked a server if they had any GF options and, without skipping a beat, she pointed out all of the things I could eat. To me, that alone warrants trying a place. No "Uh, well this is vegan. And that... wait, what's gluten-free mean again?" She said they have a lot of GF customers and her knowledge of the GF items on the menu put me at ease.

I went off on my apartment errand and returned half an hour later for a late brunch. While there are loads of things I can order off their menu, I tend to stick with what I had that first day: Cast Iron Pan B, aka a sizzling small cast iron pan filled with potatoes, onions, peppers and refried beans, topped with two fried eggs and served with a plate of warm soft corn tortillas. Best part? You get all of that deliciousness for EIGHT DOLLARS! (No, really.)

Should mention: The Prospect Heights location is an adorable space. Very bright and colorful inside AND they put tables outside once the weather gets nice. Prospect Heights is also just an area of Brooklyn worth visiting; it puts you near Prospect Park and there are more coffee spots, bars, and shops popping up along the avenues. So get your brunch on this weekend - and add Pequeña to your spring/summer weekend line-up! 

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