Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gluten-Free Bisquick Experiments (Pizza Edition)

I picked up Bisquick's gluten-free mix, intending to make some pancakes or biscuits.

Not your grandma's Bisquick. 

Then I noticed the pizza crust recipe on the box. Have been on a pizza-making spree around here, soooo...


Did it rival a slice from the local pizza parlor? Of course not. It's Bisquick - and it tastes like Bisquick. I shared this pie with a gf friend, who I believe said "Yum, reminds me of my childhood" and promptly ate three slices. 

So push those memories of Gino's or Nino's - or wherever you used to get your pizza fix in the gluten-y days - and enjoy this for what it is: i.e. a ridiculously fast and easy way to satisfy your pizza needs, without spending a small fortune on frozen gf pizza. The box of Bisquick was $4.59 at my local Key Food and contains enough mix for at least two large crusts. It mixes up as easily as pancake batter - and has the consistency of it too. Don't be alarmed; you didn't mess anything up. Just spread it thinly on a pizza pan (or cookie sheet) and bake off for 15 minutes. Then add toppings and heat until cheese is bubbly. Mangia!

*5.2.11 Update*

I've now made at least 2 dozen of these crusts and have to recommend a couple of recipe tweaks: 

1 - There is no need for so much oil - and, in fact, I think it is more like "real" pizza without it. I've reduced the 1/3 cup it calls for to about 2T and made up the liquid difference in water. The batter will be thin - you'll wonder how it can possibly become a pizza crust, but it will. 

2- Use good oil. Decent oil, at least. The recipe is 1 1/3 cups Bisquick, 2 eggs, oil, and water - so ingredient quality definitely matters. (The Bisquick recipe also calls for you to add herbs to the crust batter, but that's just wrong. Don't do it.)

3- When spreading the batter across the pan, I recommend pushing the bulk of it to the edges, so that you end up with a thin middle and a satisfying and chewy crust. Like this: 

4 ingredients + 15 minutes = joy

Lastly, just have to say: people love the pizza I've been making with these crusts. LOVE. And I feel like the woman from the old Rice Krispies Treats commercials; these are so easy to make that you'd really have to pretend you worked hard on them.

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