Saturday, April 16, 2011

French Toast for a Very Monday-ish Saturday

Despite being Saturday, this day started out feeling like a Monday. Reason? My neighbors started hammering and sawing at 7:30am. Let me repeat, SEVEN-THIRTY A.M. ON A SATURDAY MORNING! I haven't a clue what the project is and why it couldn't wait until a more civilized hour, but after tossing and turning, cursing the gods, and trying desperately to get back to sleep, I gave up and did this:

Aaaaaaah, Saturday.

For the record: I don't even really like French toast. Growing up - during the gluten-filled years - it was a regularly endured, if not enjoyed, breakfast/brunch offering. So I've been surprised by my insane craving for it recently. Here is my fast and easy gf version:

Sandwich bread (I used Udi's white this time)
2 eggs
milk (enough to fill bowl such that you can submerge the bread)

Blend with a fork or whisk and submerge bread slices for just a few seconds apiece in the egg mixture. Heat some salted butter in a pan and brown bread slices over medium heat.

Since gf bread can be crumbly - especially after being dunked in the egg mixture - I used the Udi's straight from the freezer (I keep a load of gf bread in there at all times). This week, I used the entire loaf of bread and froze individual French toast servings for later, as insurance against other Monday-ish mornings.

Perhaps you noticed the sausage links in the picture? They're from celiac-friendly Jones Dairy Farm, available online and nationally.

Mmm, pork!

I grew up eating the original Jones breakfast links; these rice and pork ones are lower in calories (130 for 3, should you care about such things) and are, of course, gluten-free. In fact, 46 of 48 products listed on the Jones site are certified gluten-free! Can't beat that with a stick.

If you've read this far, then btw...

This post had an alternate title: "So-Good-I-Made-it-Twice-Today French Toast".

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I have a so-bad-it's funny tale: I put the first two slices of French toast in the pan and - oh my goodness - did it smell amazing! At that point, the hammering was still loud and annoying. With jangled nerves, I quickly reached for the spatula so I could turn the toast and...

(1) Knocked a glass jar from an overhead shelf, which
(2) Smashed the pint glass of water I had on the counter
(3) Causing shards of glass to fly into my mug of tea, onto the floor, AND into the bowl of egg batter.

I did what any sane person would do [correction:  what I guessed they would do]: I cleaned up the mess, laughing at the inane sequence of events, and made a fresh batch of batter and cup of tea. Redoing everything = totally worth it.

Hope you're inspired to make some (shard-free) gf French toast of your own! It's really that good.

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