Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gluten-Free Falafel!

At the regular grocery store! In my neighborhood! Holy cow!!!

Ok, so perhaps not THAT exciting, but I was feeling rather exclamatory when I spied these guys from Falafel Republic at the Associated market on 5th Ave. (near Union St.) in Park Slope last night. I was hungry, tired, and at a loss as to what to eat; the cupboards were (still) bare, as I hadn't had time for a Trader Joe's run since moving in. Big thanks to Associated for not only carrying the falafel, but also for conspicuously marking them as (1) new and (2) gluten-free.

With main item procured, I quickly grabbed a tomato, cucumber, dolmades, and lettuce. Upon returning home, I heated the falafel in the microwave, laid them atop the above items, added hot sauce and wished I had some tzatziki or tahini sauce. The best falafel ever? Hardly. But they're better than average and I'm grateful for the addition to my quick meal repertoire. Premade gf falafel is an item I've been wishing someone would make; wish granted!

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