Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Oh, Valentine's Day. Such an odd little holiday. Packed restaurants, tacky tchotchkes, and banal cards. Most years, I ignore it. Some years I rebel against it. See: The year I wore head-to-toe black. (Yes, I was 16.) But every few years - like this one - I embrace the fun of it: the chance to wear red and hearts with abandon, to eat chocolate for lunch (and dinner), and send some love notes to my people. Celebrating too? Here is my favorite gift idea for your honey or homies, GF or otherwise:

Candy grams from Babycakes NYC! Remember candy grams from your school days? This is the grown-up GF version. Order by February 11th and Babycakes NYC will deliver their GF/vegan "Mounds" candy along with a message from you on Valentine's Day. Go look at how lovely they are!

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