Monday, September 2, 2013

The Best Gluten-Free Pizza in NYC (The World?)

One word: Keste. I went on Saturday and was blown away.

Pizza ai funghi 

Full sized pizza. Six slices. I ATE IT ALL. One bite and I couldn't stop.

I grew up on Brooklyn slices and this, this is damn close. Charred on the bottom, with a substantial chewy crust on the edges. (I suspect tapioca is a main ingredient, as the texture was similar to pao de queijo, aka Brazilian cheese bread.) Slices that you could pick up and fold without them breaking - THAT kinda pizza. Oh man.

I didn't have a reaction. I half-expected to feel sick just from having eaten an entire pizza, but I felt totally fine! They prepare and cook the gluten-free menu items in a separate prep area and oven. Some folks may remember when Keste only had GF pizza available a couple days a week. Please note that the gluten-free menu is now available every day!

I'm done with other pizza. Keste or nothing. Truly, it is that good.

Keste is located at 271 Bleecker Street. 

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