Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gluten-Free Soft Serve Cones! (Big Gay Ice Cream Edition)

Last weekend I had a soft serve ice cream cone, for the first time in over ten years. TEN YEARS

Forgive the fuzzy picture - I think my hand was trembling in anticipation! 

I'd heard that Big Gay Ice Cream stocked gluten-free cones and finally ambled down to their East Village store to check it out. (They're also in the West Village and have an ice cream truck.) Even on a rainy day, the shop was hoppin', so forgive the relative lack of pix - just wasn't much room to move around in. I'm hoping this one, of (just a few of) their unicorns, gives you an idea of how fun their little shop is.

Ice cream and FUN

I was heartened to see gluten-free cones listed as a regular menu item ($1 premium, I believe) and the person who took my order assured me that they were really tasty, as the staff had tried every gluten-free cone they could find before settling on this one. She offered to check the brand for me, but it was PACKED in there and I didn't want to hold up the line.

Bottom line: Delicious and safe. Also? SO very welcoming. The staffer I ordered from seemed genuinely happy that she could serve me a safe treat. Thanks, Big Gay Ice Cream!

Big Gay Ice Cream has two storefront locations: East Village, 125 East 7th St (between 1st and Avenue A) and West Village, 61 Grove St (at Seventh Avenue South). Their ice cream truck can be found out and about in NYC *and* around the country at events. For updates, it's best to follow them on Twitter

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