Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gluten-Free Love at the Movies

The Angelika is my very favorite place to see a movie in NYC. I started seeing films there fairly soon after it opened, back in high school, so I love it like an old friend. I felt the love reciprocated last night when I arrived and found not one, but THREE gluten-free treats - all labeled and individually wrapped.

Thin Mints from Goodie Girl

Macaroons from Sacred Chow

For folks with multiple food intolerances, the macaroons are also sugar, dairy, and soy-free.

Brownie, also from Sacred Chow.  Also known as: What I'm ordering next time. 

While I am generally not a fan of excessive packaging (so wasteful! the environment!), when it comes to GF baked goods, I prefer that everything be packaged. I want that extra layer of protection to help prevent cross-contamination from gluten-y foods. So it made me extra happy to see that not only does the Angelika serve prewrapped GF treats, most of their regular treats are wrapped, too:

Safety first. 

The Angelika has a lovely cafe space where you can meet up with friends to enjoy these lovely treats before your movie. Beverages and good popcorn available, too. (But, c'mon - GF brownie trumps popcorn!)

The Angelika is located at 18 West Houston St. at Mercer. 212-995-2570. 

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