Friday, November 4, 2011

Italian Ice Cream Treat (The Brooklyn Chronicles)

I don't even know how to tell you about this one, about what I rediscovered this week. For once, more show than tell.

It starts like this:

Da (chocolate) bomb

Then you cut it open and get this:

So freakin' byoo-ta-ful

I know, right?!

This one is straight out of my Brooklyn childhood: tartufo. Fun to say, fun to look at - and delicious to eat. Gelato with a maraschino cherry and almonds nestled inside, covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache. It's even better than it sounds. It evokes that Italian pastry shop taste - without the gluten.

I stumbled on this one at Russo's in Brooklyn's South Slope. (So old school, they don't have a website.) While a gluten-heavy shop, they sell some GF pasta and a freezer full of naturally GF treats like this one. They also have lovely Italian meats, olives, and cheeses - so you can totally justify making the trip, even though we both know it's the tartufo you'll be after.

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