Monday, November 7, 2011

GF in Williamsburg!

I kind of had my mind blown this weekend, by an under-the-radar GF-friendly spot in Williamsburg: Fabiane's. "GF-friendly" is an understatement. Behold:

Nice, right?

I went for brunch this past Sunday, kicking myself for making plans at a new-to-me place on marathon Sunday. As Fabiane's was ON the marathon route, it was packed. Heartened by the GF menu board, I placed my order, made my severe gluten-intolerance clear, and crossed my fingers. At Fabiane's, you order your food at the counter, pay, get a table number, and they bring your order over. Ravenous, I got this to munch on while we waited:

Yucca cake: plain looking but DELICIOUS

Then my baked eggs came:

A gift from the brunch gods

Eggs with prosciutto, scallions, and cheese. And homemade gluten-free toast. Yeah, I said it. HOMEMADE. So good.

But, guys, there's more. So much more:

I had this one. All of it. In about 60 seconds. So good, I worried that it wasn't really GF.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. They have a ton of other pastries, about half a dozen muffin flavors, sandwiches, waffles, and french toast. Just a heads up that the online menu doesn't list the GF options at this point, but I was told that the breakfast items are available all day and the sandwiches can be made on GF bread.

Have I convinced you? Fabiane's is where it's at. Worth a trip for the pastries alone! Want some excellent GF company on your trip? The Brooklyn Gluten-Free Meetup Group is gathering for dinner at Fabiane's in January!

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