Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Brooklyn Gluten-Free Meetup Group

Please welcome a new addition to the Meetup family and gluten-free scene: The Brooklyn Gluten-Free Meetup Group! Eat gluten-free and live, work, or socialize in Brooklyn? Then please join us! We'll be gathering for brunches, dinners, happy hours, parties, and more at venues around Brooklyn. We have two events scheduled thus far - join the group and RSVP for one or both!

Even if you aren't a "joiner" (heck, I sure wasn't - and now look), this Meetup will be a great source of info about where to eat and shop GF in Brooklyn - you can join the group and sign up for updates from the message board. My hope is that we'll be a hub for GF info in our fair borough, help create community among GF folks in different neighborhoods, and - by the strength of our numbers, help bring more GF options to all areas of Brooklyn. (More on this soon.)

Questions? Drop me a note through the Meetup or via comments below.

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