Monday, July 18, 2011

Healthy Schmealthy

I live in a pretty great part of Brooklyn. While it doesn't have a ton of GF options for eating out (yet!), its stores DO carry loads of GF products. The beer sections usually have Redbridge and a number of ciders (at the very least), the cookie/cracker/cereal sections are usually chock full of options, and in this part of NY Boar's Head reigns supreme.

So I wasn't too surprised to encounter the new (and much-touted) gluten-free Luna bars while waiting in line.

I'm no longer much of a bar person, but figured I'd give them a try. I grabbed two - a chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.

Nice packaging - and clearly marked as GF on both box and wrappers!

But, um... too bad about the taste.

I winced after a bite of each. Both had a highly metallic taste. Not even just an aftertaste - these metal/chemical notes were present for the during AND after. It was just so unpleasant. The only other comment I can make about taste is that the overarching flavor of the chocolate reminded me of Yoo-hoo, which isn't a bad thing (to me), but it was overpowered by the other flavors.

As I said: I'm not much of a bar person - but I used to be. For a number of years post-diagnosis, I usually had a bar in my bag as insurance against hunger in an un-GF-friendly environment. Then one day I had to admit that (1) the bars had about the same number of calories as a candy bar and (2) usually cost way more. So now instead of buying a chocolate or peanut butter flavored bar, I just buy an actual chocolate bar with nuts in it or a Payday - something with some protein - if I'm ravenous and stuck without safe food and limited options. I'm not an endurance athlete (though I am navigating NYC days!), I eat a balanced diet, and take a multivitamin - a bar is just unnecessary.

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