Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish for a Wednesday (Plus Diner Recommendation)

Dear Brooklyn,

Could you please rustle up a diner where I can get safe basic meals like pancakes and omelets, sandwiches, a burger - maybe even an egg sandwich to go? Because I really miss that and could use one of those egg sandwiches on this rainy morning.

Please and thank you,

While I have yet to hear of such a thing in my native borough, Manhattan has one! Peters' Gourmet Diner (yes, the apostrophe goes there - you'll see why once you visit) on the Upper East Side (UES) of Manhattan is GF heaven. Pancakes, salads, burgers, pasta - and not a sad little throwing-us-a-bone GF menu. You can't tell from the Menupages menu, but MOST of the menu is gluten-free. M-O-S-T. There's GF garlic bread to go with your pasta, hot Reuben sandwiches, a dedicated GF fryer for french fries - the works.

I just wish there was a Peters' in Brooklyn! That's the only downside to this spot - they're waaaaay over on the east side at 1st Avenue (1606 1st Avenue betw 83rd & 84th). But it's definitely worth the schlep. They're kid-friendly and have year-round seating on their heated back patio plus additional outdoor seating in front once the weather turns nice. Museum row is just a few avenues over, so it's PERFECT if you're planning a museum afternoon (I've stopped here many times pre- or post). And if you live in the area, they deliver! A win/win. Get thee to Peters' posthaste!

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