Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (Chipotle Joy)

Have to say: this holiday weekend has been pretty good to gluten-free me so far. Started off with tickets to a show on Friday night. Had to grab a quick bite after work and before the show. I passed Ruby Foo's (such nice decor!) which I know has a GF menu, but I didn't have time for a sit-down meal. I had little hope of finding safe - and quick! - food in Times Square and was prepared to grab a candy bar and suck it up until after the play. (Hey, even gluten eaters make this concession at times.)

My friend was eating at Chipotle, which I know some GF folks eat at, though I'd never had luck there. (Most of the ingredients are GF, so I must be getting done in by the cross-contamination from the flour tortillas.) Still, I was hungry, and it never hurts to ask, so I approached the counter, prepared to say "no, thank you" if the answer to my query "Do you have any gluten-free items?" was met with a blank stare or stammering. But, be still my gluten-free heart, the young guy behind the counter smiled and enthusiastically said "We do!", changing his gloves as he rattled off my options, cautioning that he would not be able to heat the corn tortillas in the sandwich press because of cross-contamination. He then prepared a rice bowl with what he deemed to be the safest items, taking from the bottom of each ingredient bin, so as to minimize the chances of contact with cross-contaminated food (i.e. things that may have previously come in contact with his coworkers gloves). All of this was done without any prompts from me.

I was about speechless with gratitude. Turns out he had once tried the gluten-free diet at the advice of a doctor, to rule out a gluten intolerance. Result: he is not GF, but now an unofficial GF ambassador, who totally made my day!

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