Friday, May 13, 2011

Care for Sushi, Dumplin'?

Please tell me you know about Lilli and Loo, that you've had their gluten-free this:

Oh yes indeedy: DUMPLINGS!

and gluten-free that:

Sushi gorgeousness.

Never been?!? Get thee to 61st and Lexington Avenue ASAP.

The sushi and dumplings are just the tip of the iceberg. Lilli and Loo has an extensive GF menu that includes old favorites like kung pao chicken and tempura. They even do a gluten-free lunch special M-F from 11-4 for $10.95. The staff is gluten-free savvy and communicative about it (i.e. when serving the meal: "THIS is gluten-free sauce and soy sauce. THAT is not gluten-free." Like that).

And keep in mind: this isn't some generic Asian food place. Lilli and Loo is a lovely space, relaxing and welcoming - casual enough for a quick lunch or dinner, but definitely special event/date-worthy.

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