Monday, May 9, 2011

Break Glass In Case of Emergency (Cookies When You Need 'Em)

Native New Yorker? Visiting NYC soon? Either way, may I present goods from your emergency baked goods purveyor:


Yep, Duane Reade. They currently offer GF ginger snaps and animal crackers. As far as I can tell, they are cookies made by Midel and sold under the Duane Reade label (assessment based on nothing other than my taste buds - but I put a fair amount of faith in them). Wherever they came from (the Cookie Fairy?), they have been a godsend on many a long afternoon schlepping about the city. Sometimes you just need a cookie, damn it, and Duane Reade now it makes it possible to have one (or five) without breaking the bank. These usually retails for $2.99-ish, but I got them on sale for $2.49 in Brooklyn this week. And with Duane Reades now ALL OVER the city, you can get your fix in just about every neighborhood.

I often worry that GF items like these will be in limited production, available only in some locations of a chain - or will be phased out unexpectedly (see: Starbucks GF orange cake), so I have a habit of checking to see if these are in stock when I'm in a Duane Reade. I can honestly say that one or both have been in stock every time I've checked. In this GF life, the certainty of access to a safe treat is valued, even on the (very) rare occasion  when you aren't in the mood for a cookie.

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  1. I've been eating those animal crackers for over a year. They were a nice surprise to find in Duane Reade last spring. They are especially nice when you find them on sale. It seems that they usually have them, so hopefully they won't be a limited run item.