Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper and Plastics and Foil, Oh My!

In the midst of prepping Easter dinner, I realized that I was two pans short for all the cooking I planned to do. The gluten-eater I live with had just what I needed, so I automatically whipped out my trusty roll of tin foil and made those pans safe:

Shiny and wasteful

I do this a lot. If I'm at a friend's house and need to heat something up in the oven or am visiting family and need to make a meal, out comes the tin foil. I also use more paper towels than most humans, as I can't safely use the tea towels and sponges others have used in their gluten-containing kitchens. And plastic baggies? Don't even get me started. I keep Ziploc in business! (Though I plan to invest in some of these soon!)

Having been GF for 10 years now, I long ago shook off the guilt from this over-consumption. It's what I need to do to eat safely and I just can't be apologetic about that. For some reason, the wastefulness just really struck me on Sunday.

Lest you think I'm completely environmentally UN-friendly: I have a collection of excellent containers that I reuse every day from - you guessed it - Ziploc.

Food storage perfection

These are the perfect size for  snacks and meals, even soup - because they are screw top! I frequently schlep saucy foodstuffs halfway across the city, with nary a drip or spill. And the other day I stopped in at a favorite GF bakery spot with an empty container - and they nestled a lovely cupcake in it! No need for a wasteful bag or box - and I made it to work with an un-smooshed and perfectly frosted treat. (Ok, ok - so maybe I had a bite or five before I made it to work.) A fellow customer saw me do it and was delighted by the container design. Realized I should probably share my indispensable container choice with my GF peoples, too.

I do realize that I'm still talking plastics here. (If it helps, these are BPA-free.) When I lived in a more rural area and drove everywhere, I definitely used glass containers more. But here in the city, I need things that are lightweight and easy to pack every day. These puppies definitely fit the bill.

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