Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portable Pie


I recently discovered these delicious gluten-free oat and fruit squares: an oat studded pastry with a blueberry filling. They're made with gluten-free oats - and in a certified gluten-free facility(!) by Betty Lou's. I've wanted something like this for ages - a not-too-sweet cake-y snack that tastes great but isn't calorie-dense - or ridiculously expensive! At 180 calories (with 5g of fiber) and $1.50, this hits the spot. They come in four other flavors: apricot, cherry, strawberry, and apple cinnamon. I've only been able to find the apricot and blueberry and I much prefer the latter. (Found the apricot too tart.)

I haven't been able to find them anywhere besides House of Health (1014 Lexington Ave. Bet. 72nd & 73rd St. (212) 772-8422), but am going to put in a request for them at Whole Foods. You can order online directly from the manufacturer, though there's a $10 shipping fee. House of Health will let you place a bulk order - which in this case would be a jar of 35 bars. But if you happen to be on the UES, it's definitely worth a trip to pick some up - the jar is right at the register.

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