Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sneaky, Sneaky Movie

Day 1 of Singledom, Saturday at 7pm:

Movie Theater Ticket Guy (MTTG): Which movie?
Me: Hmm. Have you seen "A Serious Man" and "The Invention of Lying"?
MTTG: (Nods)
Me: Which would you recommend?
MTTG: Well, "The Invention of Lying" will make you laugh, like some ha-ha laughs, you know about the Coen brothers?
Me: I do. I'm in a really bad mood. I need to be cheered up. I'll take one for "The Invention of Lying".
MTTG: Just one?
Me: That's why I'm in a bad mood.

Internet, I got dumped last night - by the man I thought I'd be marrying. "Bad mood" was really a massive understatement. The ha-ha laughs of the movie helped, but only until I realized that "The Invention of Lying" was a *love* story. Sneaky, sneaky movie.


Even in matters of love - and love lost - gluten-free-dom was part of the story: En route to the flick, ran into the my former gastroenterologist - who lives 250 miles from here! Dr. R., who confirmed my diagnosis 7 years ago, was visiting NYC with his lovely family. I'm not sure which of us was more surprised. Though, of all the places for random sightings to occur, I know from experience that Union Square is a likely venue.

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